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Email Marketing Speaker Jessica Best

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Jessica Best

Jessica is a self-declared email marketing nerd and permission-marketing evangelist. She's spoken from Las Vegas to New York City to SXSW Interactive in Austin for thousands of marketers from hundreds of brands and companies.

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Email Marketing Best Practices

Jessica has helped many marketers across the globe nail the basics to succeed in email marketing.

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Email Marketing Content Strategy

Jessica points out what mistakes many marketers still make in promotional and educational email design and how you can make small adjustments for a bigger impact.

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Advanced Email Marketing

For those who swim in email marketing every day, Jessica offers a deeper dive into optimizing email programs for the best results.

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Email Marketing List Growth

Marketers big and small usually ask the same burning question: How can I grow my list? Jessica shares the right way (and the wrong ways) to grow your list in order to grow your company’s revenue from email.

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